Online Computer Repair

Are you in need of computer repair? Short on time and cash? Give online computer repair service a try. Your machine can be fixed in a matter of minutes. In the old days you had to drive to the store or accept unknown technicians entering your house in order to get it fixed. These days are long gone. Did you know that most of the computer related problems are caused by viruses, spyware and malware? These troubling infections can be fixed remotely without even having to visit nearby repair shop or unknown technicians entering your house. Our online support is quick, secure and most of all affordable.We offer flat rate pricing. You will know how much it will cost upfront and not a penny more.


During the repair process, you will notice that the mouse pointer is moving by itself around the screen indicating the technician is working on your computer. Once the repair session is complete we will remove the connection program permanently. Removing the connection will ensure you that there is no chance of reconnecting to your computer without your permission. After the repairing work is complete we will once again explain the process letting you know what we found and eliminated during our examination and how you may prevent future problems from occurring.


Our online technicians are ready to assist you with following issues.


  • Slowdowns – Is your computer taking longer to respond to your prompts?
  • Sudden crashes – Is it going down for no apparent reason?
  • Attack of viruses, spyware or malwares – Are you finding you are attracting more spam?
  • Pop ups, spam, unknown programs – Are you scratching your head wondering where some pop –ups and spam are coming from?
  • Slow, unstable internet browsing – Will continue to get worse until the problem is resolved.

Zumtek services can help you resolve these and other IT related problems. Contact us for more info.