How To Install Spotify On Fedora 25

Open terminal and run as root.

dnf config-manager –add-repo=
dnf install spotify-client

Try running Spotify and if it crashes on log in proceed with the rest of the code.

wget -O spotify-client.deb
ar -x spotify-client.deb
tar xf data.tar.gz
sudo cp -r usr/share/spotify/* /lib64/spotify-client/
rm -r usr/ control.tar.gz data.tar.gz debian-binary spotify-client.deb -y

Open Spotify and enjoy:)


5 thoughts on “How To Install Spotify On Fedora 25”

  1. The way the text is rendered, “–” (two hyphens) has been replaced by an em-dash, which means that copy/pasting into the terminal won’t work right off the bat.

  2. The “add-repo” option needs a double hyphen,
    e.g. it says this “dnf config-manager –add-repo”
    but should be this
    “dnf config-manger –add-repo”

    Microsoft stuff does that a lot (converts — to a single big hyphen).

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