Windows 7 Black Wallpaper Fix

From time to time windows 7 equipped computers experience black wallpaper problem. Effected computers are unable to change background picture/theme and as a result constantly stay black. Most of the time corrupted TranscodedWallpaper.jpg is to blame usually caused by virus infections. For the most part renaming TranscodedWallpaper.jpg gets rid of the problem. Below is the detailed explanation of how to perform necessary repair. If for any reason our solution does not fix the problem you may wish to contact our web based online support or visit Microsoft site for more black wallpaper solutions at this link.


1. Copy the following text, and then click Start and past the text into the search box and click the Enter key on the keyboard:

2. Right-click the file that is named TranscodedWallpaper.jpg and then click Rename
3. Rename the file to TranscodedWallpaper.old, (change .jpg to .old) and then click Yes when prompted

4. If slideshow.ini listed, double-click this file. Slideshow.ini should open with Notepad. Select all the text in slideshow.ini if any exists and press Delete on the keyboard, and then click File and Save to save the changes.

5. Close Notepad and close the Windows Explorer window and browse to the picture that will be set as the background image

6.Try to apply a background picture again