Broken Computer Repair

There are times when computer brakes. Most of the time they break in the worst possible moment, very often unexpected. When they break you may ask yourself why now. Why is this happening? Those questions will not help you at all but Zumtek Inc  online computer repair can help you get back on the track with quick recovery time. What’s unique about Zumtek remote computer repair is that we fix computers remotely by doing so money and time is saved.  We also offer very reasonable flat pricing system isn’t nice to know upfront how much everything will cost.

Most users is familiar with computer repair companies that charge by the hour. Very often $100 per hour. For instance technician spends 3 hours on the computer that’s comes up to $300 bill.  If someone is charging you by the hour you will never know how long and how much I’ll be. Some companies may give you an estimate of approximately how long it will take but in reality accidents happen. One hour job may turn into three.

In order to differentiate us from the competition we only offer flat fee repair packages and  give full refunds an failed repair attempts. You may wonder how Zumtek Ink. technicians connect to the broken computers. Process is very simple. We use state of the art technology. Zumtek Ink. works with several remote computer software providers / programmers that code software specially designed to connect two computer through use of the  internet. Your computer can be supported anywhere in world as long you have internet access. Zumtek Ink.  is an Illinois based company that specializes in IT services. We offer a variety of services for residential and commercial users.  You may wonder well what’s sets Zumtek Inc. apart from other IT companies. The answer is simple its people and leadership behind it.